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The server CESKY RAJ is no need for registration for the competition. We welcome anyone who wants to go flying together scenes Milos Koch.


The term race is next published no later than 5 hours before connecting (but mostly sooner). Competition starts at the beginning of the month and ends with the last flying day of the month. Overall results are counted 50% of the best results.

When counting results will be used handicap index for all classes of gliders.


The results are counted only the first start of the day. After starting the server " A" will be the outcome on server " B" counted.

It is prohibited any dangerous flying. Circeling in the direction of climb is determined by the first glider in thermal. If you have doubts about the circeling direction, ask in the chat.

In case of failure of the Internet it is possible to reach the plant- of- line and send IGC file no later than two hours after closing the server for E -mail: condorsoaring@seznam.cz .

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